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The Problem

Life is moving at such an alarming pace that it seems hard to take the time to understand what is going on anymore.

We are the most connected generation ever, with answers at our fingertips yet we are more overwhelmed than any previous generation.

Our Solution

BOZZA tech aims to help by simplifying the complex.


Whether it be lockdown and travel regulations, school communications, or even the news, BOZZA tech's goal is to provide you with easy to digest, bite size pieces of information, so you can make choices and decisions easily and efficiently.


We believe that technology can solve any problem. And so smart solutions are at the core of BOZZA tech.


We find smart ways of using technology that will help make life easier and build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. 



Bozza Tech Products

School BOZZA

Schools have always found it challenging to engage families (parents and students) and the pandemic has exacerbated this complexity with the introduction of remote, hybrid and in-person learning. School Bozza is a parent and family engagement platform which enables your School to create a custom-built user friendly information portal to provide Students and Parents to receive simple, effective, instant and relevant updates on school activities.


BOZZA tech


who are we?

We are a technology company aimed at simplifying the lives of its users.


We are passionate about working with organisations who feel the same deep sense of purpose and intent as us.

Those who see the potential of using tech to solve the world's greatest problems.

Rahul Patel BOZZA Tech CEO

BOZZA tech


contact us

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Tel: +27 84 625 7324

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